Technigro is multi-award winning company specialising in vegetation management and is a recognised industry leader in the provision of turf management in South East Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria delivering a multitude of services for the past twenty-eight years.

Technigro’s suite of turf services includes Spray Applications, Turf Renovations, Fertilising and Soil Amendment Applications, Weed Wiping and Consultancy Services. Technigro has a high level of competency related to all aspects of turf management, considering this activity to be core business.

Technigro has developed and refined systems and processes, equipment, staff training, quality assurance and monitoring and reporting protocols to support the safe and environmentally responsible management of these important green assets.

Technigro staff members have mastered techniques and processes which allow us to operate in both densely populated areas and rural areas in full view of the public with minimal disruption and the trust of the local community. We have dedicated considerable time to training our staff in the correct work methods and procedures necessary to ensure work is completed to the highest standard in the safest and most efficient manner possible, every time.

Clients include Gold Coast City Council, Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Redland City Council and numerous private sector businesses, schools, clubs and community groups.