HG Turf

HG Turf

Many of Melbourne’s top sports ground have turf by HG Turf. You too can have a lawn by The Premier Turf Co.

Natural Turf

Our selection of premium turfs features hard-wearing products with varying shade tolerance/sun requirements, characteristics and purposes. All of the highest quality and suited to any project, we’re guaranteed to have the perfect turf to meet your needs.

For a hybrid turf that integrates with your natural lawn to create a highly durable and flexible result, check out our patented Cover Lawn products.

Cover Lawn

Cover Lawn is our patented synthetic turf that integrates with natural grass, resulting in the look and characteristics of a natural lawn with the added strength of synthetic turf. As the natural grass grows through the honeycomb cell structures, it fully engulfs the Cover Lawn synthetic turf, creating a highly durable yet flexible product. This hybrid lawn can withstand incredibly high traffic, while still looking green and fabulous all year round.