Eco-Road Hero

Eco-Road Hero

We supply Mineral Magic®, which is an organic soil amendment that increases cationic exchange capacity of soils.  This reduces water losses from the soil in most situations by over 50%, and hence provides a significant reduction in water needed to keep plants green. The product reduces fertiliser needs by improving the plant availability of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Mineral Magic® boosts plant health with Plant Available Silicon.  Mineral Magic® is based on a fossilized plankton mineral from WA.  Mineral Magic is over 120 million years old and each application lasts for ever.

The most popular form is a mineral chip 0.8mm to 2.0 mm in size.  Application rates range from 100 grammes to 500 grammes per square metre.   It is available in 10kg and 20 kg bags for smaller projects.  It is also available in 1000 kg FIBC (Bulka Bags) for larger projects.   It is ideal for high value turf applications as well as general plantings and hydroponics.

We also supply Dust/Blokr®, which is a 95% renewable dust suppressant based on sugars and starches.  It was developed over 2 years by chemists and scientists from Cypher Environmental and Red River College in Winnipeg Canada.  It was developed as an environmentally friendly and ZERO chloride dust control technology.  It has been used in environmentally sensitive setting like the Canadian Arctic , thoroughbred racing and foothills of the Australian Alps.  It is supplied as a concentrated liquid  in 1,000 litre IBC/Pallecons  It is simple and safe to apply.

Author: Jarrod Bird