Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd

Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd

Colin Campbell (Chemicals) Pty Ltd has provided turf managers/green keepers, golf course superintendents with high quality products to help them produce the premium surface that is needed.

We began developing and registering specific turf products over 40 years ago. In that time our product range has expanded to cover a wide range of turf protection products from fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilisers and wetting agents.

Over half our turf professional products are manufactured here in Australia. The rest of our products are sourced from some of the worlds most reputable and innovative companies in the pesticide market. We partner with companies from Europe, USA and Israel to bring you the highest quality and technical innovation.

We test all products stringently before bringing the product to the turf market whether they have to be registered or not. Chemicals obviously have to be registered with the APVMA and many trials have to take place. We have experienced staff to do this or use outside contractors who have specific expertise in turf trials and with whom we have established long term relationships. Even when using contractors to do the trials we still conduct some of the trials ourselves to know the products inside out and test them in various climatic conditions.

Along with providing a wide range of high quality products, we back them up with a strong customer service program of knowledge and after sales support.

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